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After the banners became Weibo fodder, the Fom slogans were hurriedly removed from town. The officials said many of them had received blackmail demands using fake sex photos in the past two years.

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Inofficials at the land and resources bureau in a county in Guangxi imagfs reportedly blurred images of themselves Chaiha on government websites to prevent blackmailers from making copies and using them in fake sex photos. We think you'd also like Thank youYou are on the list. Hong Kong's media reported a top official from the Ministry of Public Security was even blackmailed with fake sex photos. Many cases have come to light after incriminating photos were leaked online.

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In recent years, Chinese officials have been caught up in an increasing number of sex scandals. If officials across China are facck about nipping the problem of fake sex photos in the bud, they should follow Shuangfeng's lead and launch similar campaigns to crackdown on cyber blackmailers. Targets range from county-level officials to central government heavyweights. Local police say they tackled such cases last year. Proficiency in Photoshop, apparently.

In recent months, numerous Chinese officials have been targeted in online show-and-shame campaigns that usually issex images — apparently osex — of errant cadres in various stages of undress, accompanied by women other than their wives. In a celebrated case last November, Lei Zhengfu, a district-level official in the sprawling southwestern metropolis of Chongqing, was issex having sex with then year-old Zhao Hongxia in a video uploaded by a local journalist. In Marchpolice arrested eight suspects in Hunan province who had allegedly blackmailed officials using fake sex photos. Police said the suspects, who had also prepared a further blackmail letters, had already receivedyuan. On the other hand, blackmailers might be hailed as "Chinese Robin Hoods," robbing from the rich to share their hush money with the poor.

Both officials in Liuzhou city, in southern Guangxi province, received letters on Monday containing the same explicit photograph — with an image of each of their faces added to the picture of a woman in a sexual encounter with a man.

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